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Clean Grill - Healthy Family!

Cleaning Grills in Houston Area Since 2015.

An annual deep clean of your BBQ grill can help
keep your family healthy.

Why it's important

Gets Rid of Cancer Causing Carbons

The black stuff on your grill, when re-burned into smoke, has been shown by University of Minnesota researchers to cause cancer.

Removes Salmonella Colonies

Salmonella colonies are nearly always found on all surfaces of dirty BBQ grills, and this can cause food poisoning.

Prevents Grill Fires

With time, grease builds up in your grill structure and can cause a very dangerous fire.

Stops Paint Chips from Getting in Your Food

Heat can cause grill paint to flake, and outside elements cause rust, which also transfers into your food.




With 300 degrees of steam, we effectively sanitize your grill's interior and exterior.


We remove grease with steam, mild soap and good old-fashioned scrubbing.


We can remove rust with sanding and then rust protect the metal.


With food-safe chemicals and abrasion techniques, we can eliminate carbon.


We can put a fresh coat of grill paint on your BBQ grill, making it shine like new.


We can replace parts for you and solve your grill's problems.



Scrub My Grill's Levels of Service

As with getting your car cleaned or detailed, we have several levels of grill cleaning that go from a couple hours of basic cleaning to a full day of cleaning and restoration.  Not all people want the full service that results in your grill looking virtually new.  Some clients are okay with a bit of carbon, rust or scratches.  So we offer less intensive, less expensive options.


How we work

You call, text or email us


We ask a couple questions about your grill


We give you a free estimate


We schedule an appointment


We come and clean your grill



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Why it's important

Latest Articles

How Often Should You Clean Your Grill

If you love to entertain outdoors, chances are you've got a trusty grill that gets a lot of use. But how often should you really be cleaning your grill?

Introducing Scrub My Grill

If you grill often, chances are you've dealt with the frustration of a dirty grill. Grilling is supposed to be fun, but when your grill is caked with grease and grime, it can ruin the experience. That's where Scrub My Grill comes in. We're a grill cleaning service that will come to your home and clean your grill for you. We're dedicated to providing the best possible grill cleaning experience, and we're proud to say that we've never had a dissatisfied customer.

The Benefits Of Cleaning Your BBQ Grill

It's finally grilling season! Whether you're cooking for yourself or for a crowd, your BBQ grill needs to be clean. A professional grill cleaning service can help make sure your grill is ready for action. Here are some benefits of keeping your grill clean:

Barbecue aroma always awakens pleasant memories!...

A warm sunny day or a quiet starry evening – isn’t it a promisimg opportunity to gather all your favorite family or best friends on the terrace or in the garden for a barbecue?
What can be tastier than fragrant fish, juicy ribs, fresh vegetables cooked on your grill?

An irresistible aroma of freshly cooked barbecue dishes always awakens memories of happy and pleasant moments of our lives, lifting our spirits and making us smile. These are probably some of our best memories of life! So, let's keep those memories untarnished by the stink of burnt fat and the crunch of soot in our mouth!

Yes, a barbecue is so much more than a way of cooking! It's traditions, family values, the love of our loved ones, the warmth of a family home, the aroma of happy memories, a quick and easy way to make a holiday on any day of the year, and a chance to share the warmth of your heart!

A clean barbecue is the health of your family and friends

If you care about the health of those around you, you should not forget that the process of cooking a barbecue leads to the formation of soot, carbon deposits, grease, rust, paint and other contaminants on your gas grill or the surfaces of your barbecue. You can paraphrase a well-known joke: "A good barbecue is a clean barbecue..."

When is it still time to order a BBQ grill cleaning service from us? There no strict rules or instructions, however, we’d recommend to stick to some important criteria:

The appearance of your barbecue bears little resemblance to a new one;

There is an unpleasant odor and extraneous smoke while cooking food on the grill;

Food cooked on the grill has an unpleasant taste (don’t let it be inedible :);

The grill and barbecue surfaces are coated with grease and carbon;

You are preparing for a visit of guests and you do not have time to do it.

Professional grill cleaning is very important!

Professional service and grill cleaning is essential for the long, trouble-free and safe operation of your favorite grill.

Why? Let’s make it clear...

In addition to regular cleaning of your grill after each cooking process, a thorough and professional grill cleaning service is essential. There are a lot of nuances associated with barbecue cleaning. The different parts of the products have different coatings, which should only be cleaned in certain ways to avoid damage. And some parts need to be lubricated after cleaning. Rusted and scratched surfaces need to be restored, so that harmful particles do not get into your food during cooking. All this requires a professional approach and experience! Care and barbecue cleaning can be compared to regular dental checkups. It seems to be a small thing, but if it is not done or skipped, it can become quite a burning issue!

BBQ grill cleaning service near me - Scrub my grill

Entrust this serious and important process to professionals with extensive experience in BBQ grill cleaning - Scrub my grill. Our mobile BBQ cleaners’ team will be there for you to perform high-quality and thorough professional grill cleaning of any level of complexity of your barbecue at a time and place that is convenient for you. We are happy to go on site and do outdoor grill cleaning. Importantly, the cost of cleaning depends on the level of service, so you can choose the service package that best suits you depending on the nature of dirt and a scope of maintenance! In addition, this process is quite time consuming, but thanks to barbecue cleaning from Scrub my grill, you will not spend a second of your time! For this, you just need to contact us in any way that is convenient for you!

Our barbecue cleaning company has extensive experience and an arsenal of care products for your barbecue, so you can rest assured that your grill will look perfect and function long and trouble-free, and your grilled food will be flavorful and appetizing again.

Our company has been doing Weber BBQ cleaning service for years. It is one of the most common and reliable gas grills. Hundreds of satisfied customers are already preparing their amazing barbecues after our professional care. You can always rely on us for Weber BBQ cleaning service.


You will be proud of the fact that you took care of the most important thing...

We will save you from the hassle of BBQ cleaning, the unpleasant smell of leftovers, the risk of old grease burning on the grill and most importantly, harmful bacteria! We will make sure that your grill shines like new again, to the delight of your loved ones! The appetizing aroma of your freshly cooked barbecue will again beckon and amaze people nearby. And you'll be proud of the fact that you took care of the most important thing - the health of people around you! There is nothing in the world more important than health!



We are experienced professional BBQ grill and oven cleaners.
We have cleaned all kinds and sizes of personal BBQ grills and ovens with 100% customer satisfaction.

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